All six partners in this project are committed to providing responsive, engaging and tailored education and have extensive experience with it. Together, they form a genuine European community of practice that is at the forefront of educational innovation. Associate partners also contribute to CREATES.


Leuphana University is the initiator and coordinator of the Strategic Partnership. Through Leuphana College, it has extensive experience in innovation in learning and teaching. In the Studium Individuale, each student can self-design their own curriculum with the support of the program. Leuphana activates the resources needed for the implementation of CREATES, as liberal arts education it is a priority of the University leadership.


UCM is the leading Liberal Arts Institution in the Netherlands and has intensive experience for now 15 years in a responsive and engaging education. It applies problem-based learning as the pedagogy and is most familiar with both its benefits and its challenges. Further to this, the members of the team from UCM also have experience in policy advice in HE.


Sciences Po offers a broad and rigorous education for future decision-makers. It has undertaken a significant initiative in reforming its pedagogy towards responsive and engaged learning over the last five years. It is at the forefront in the development of tools for self-advice, in particular in view of successful entry into professional life. It will lead the work on self-advising within CREATES.


UCF offers a four-year, English-taught Bachelor program in Liberal Arts and SciencesĀ at the University of Freiburg. It also serves as a platform for educational innovation benefiting the University of Freiburg. This experience is important for the CREATES objective to support broader institutional change. Moreover, it has a strong mentoring program and hence will take the lead for peer advising.


KCL has undertaken a major initiative in educational innovation and can thus provide expertise in motivating teaching innovation at HEIs. Through its Liberal Arts Program, KCL has ample experience with supporting student co-creation on both the curricular and the course level. The members from KCL have a track-record in educational research.


SSSA provides excellent education in the the social sciences and STEM subjects and has experience in bringing innovative teaching approaches to management and science curricula. In addition, it has recently taken initiatives toward community-based learning and can provide valuabe insights into integrating student-driven approaches in Higher Education into a traditional educational culture.